Supporting Cambridge

Supporting Cambridge

Cambridge’s contribution to teaching and research, as well as to sports, museums and the performing arts, can only be sustained with the continued support of its worldwide network of Cambridge alumni and friends. Your donation directly benefits Cambridge students today and in the future.

Cambridge in America is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code allowing for US donors to qualify for an income tax deduction to the limits allowed by law. In compliance with IRS regulations, the Board of Directors of Cambridge in America maintains control and discretion over the allocation of gifts to collegiate Cambridge. Gifts are reviewed and approved by our Board of Directors and funds are the granted to benefit the University of Cambridge and its member Colleges.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the best way for you to give, please contact our Gifts Department via email at or by phone at (212) 984-0960.

Methods of giving



Gifts by credit card

Cambridge in America accepts all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. You can make a donation using your credit card via our online gift form or you can submit the below information to us. 

For donations made via credit card, the following information is required:

Credit Card Type (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)
Name as it appears on the Card
Credit Card Number
Expiration Date (MM/YYYY)
Billing Address
Gift Amount

Please note that credit card information should only be relayed by phone, fax, or post and never by email for security purposes.

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Gifts by check

Please make your check payable to “Cambridge in America” and send it to the following address:

Cambridge in America
P.O. Box 9123 JAF BLG
New York, NY 10087-9123

Please be sure to indicate the purpose of the gift on the check or in an accompanying letter or donation form.

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Gift by wire transfer   

Gifts can be transferred electronically to Cambridge in America’s account to ensure prompt receipt of the funds. If you would like to make a gift via wire transfer, please follow the instructions below:

Bank Name:                JPMorgan Chase
Name on Account:    Cambridge in America
ABA Routing #:          021000021
Account Number:      781321930

Please advise your bank to include information in the reference field regarding the purpose of the gift. It is recommended that you email Cambridge in America at to advise us of the transfer of the funds. This will help ensure prompt processing and acknowledgment of your gift.

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Gifts of publicly traded securities

Gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds, and mutual fund shares owned for more than one year can be transferred to Cambridge in America and may provide significant benefits to you as a donor. It allows for you to claim a charitable income tax deduction for the fair market value of the securities as of the date of the gift and eliminate capital gains.

For electronic transfer of publicly traded securities, please contact your broker and ask them to transfer to the below account:

Wells Fargo Advisors
104 Church Street SE
Leesburg, VA 20175
Tel: (800) 888-3803

DTC Number: 0141
Account Number: 11233300

For physical delivery of endorsed securities by mail or in person, please contact our Gifts Department at (212) 984-0960.

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Planned giving

There are various ways to make a lasting and meaningful contribution to collegiate Cambridge while advancing your financial and philanthropic objectives. A planned gift can offer significant tax benefits by substantially reducing capital gains and estate taxes and/or providing immediate income to you or a beneficiary. U.S. tax payers wishing to support their College and/or the University through an estate plan can find more information about planned giving options on Cambridge in America’s planned giving page or by contacting our Planned Giving department at (212) 984-0960.

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Gifts of personal property and real estate 

Cambridge in America accepts donations of personal property, such as artworks, historical objects, rare manuscripts and books, real estate, technology, and other gifts-in-kind that can be used in connection with its stated mission of supporting collegiate Cambridge. If the value of your gift is less than $5,000.00, you may provide a valuation of the property to be donated. However, if the value is greater than $5,000.00, a third party appraisal is required per Internal Revenue Service regulations. Please contact our Gifts Department at (212) 984-0960 to assist you with the handling of your gift.

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Making a pledge to give 

Cambridge in America recognizes that some people may wish to help support collegiate Cambridge in the future or on a continuing basis. In this case, you may pledge your support in writing, with details about where you would like for your gift to be allocated, and send it to:

Cambridge in America
P.O. Box 9123 JAF BLG
New York, NY 10087-9123
Fax: (212) 984-0960

Please complete the pledge form. You may also indicate your intent to give in writing and should be sure to include the following information:

• The total value of the pledge
• The date on which the gift will be made or payments received

If you need assistance with making a pledge or would like to discuss the timing of your gift, please contact our Gifts Department at (212) 984-0960.

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UK Tax benefits for dual residents 

If you are subject to tax in both the UK and US, you now have the opportunity to give to Cambridge in America (UK) Ltd, a registered charity in England, and be simultaneously eligible for tax benefits in both countries. Gifts by check, wire transfer, of publicly traded securities and of land are accepted.

To make a gift by check, of publicly traded securities, or of land, please contact Eileen Flood, Administrator for Cambridge in America (UK) Ltd., via email at or by phone at +44 (0)20 7502 2813.

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